Smithtown Booster Club Supports the student athletes of Smithtown New York by providing Equipment, Scholarships, Clinics, Summer Camps and many other great programs.

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All Camp Directors

Below are the procedures that are in place to provide administrative support for your camp

  1. No later Than February 15, 2020 Advise Rick and Charlie of your choice for your camp date - identify the start and end date;  if it is the same week as last year, submit your Form B to Janet Read immediately; note that Accompsett Middle School and Great Hollow Middle School are not available this summer due to construction
  2. If you are requesting a change in camp week, you must get Rick's approval immediately to change the week of your camp before you submit your Form B to Janet Read
  3. Prior to May 1, you will receive a package of forms from Charlie Rollins to be used for this year's camp program.  In addition you will be provided access to (i) camp registration information and (ii) a FINAL camp roster.
  4. This year we are considering purchasing shirts from one local supplier; stay tuned for additional information.

Before the Start of Camp:

  1. Make certain that you have your coaches register in the coaches program; coaches must register in order to participate in our camp program
  2. Prepare your budget and forward to Charlie Rollins no later than seven (7) days prior to camp. Please include coaches salaries, shirt costs, and any other misc. expenses that you anticipate spending.  Please explain any significant variances to last year's expenses.  I will call you to discuss your budget upon receiving it. Please note the following expense formulas: salaries - 35%; shirts - 5%; awards & misc. 5%; your expenses must not exceed 45% of your income
  3. Print and utilize all forms that are sent to you by Charlie; walk up registrations, W-9's, accident form and camp recap information.

First Day of Camp:

  1. Walk-up registrations - please collect the full fee plus late charge for any late registrations; have parent complete a registration form and waiver form and collect fee; Payment for partial  week attendance is not permitted. Note: children of Camp Director's may attend any Booster Club camp at no charge; children of coaches at a specific camp may attend that camp only at no charge.
  2. Camper not on roster but parent claims they signed up through the web-site - have them complete a registration and waiver form; ask them for a payment receipt and contact Charlie Rollins after 1st day of camp ends; he will do the research and advise you of the status
  3. Take attendance every day and submit with your final camp papers
  4. Advise Rick Suris immediately if a camper is injured; make sure an accident form is completed and submitted with your camp paperwork

At the End of Camp:

  1. Please complete the following forms: Summary of your camp, Camp Recap Sheets A-E, Walk-up Registrations forms,  Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement, Attendance Sheet and W-9's and Charlie Rollins will pick up the forms and checks on the last day of camp.
  2. Charlie Rollins will review your paperwork and discuss your final salaries (camp directors and coaches) based on attendance and profitability
  3. checks will be mailed within 7 days of receiving and reconciling your paperwork

                                                                               Contact Information

                                                           Rick Suris - 516 852 0804;
                                                                Charlie Rollins - 516 639 7678;
                                                           Tim Flemming -  631 236 2784;