Smithtown Booster Club Supports the student athletes of Smithtown New York by providing Equipment, Scholarships, Clinics, Summer Camps and many other great programs.

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Congrats To Our 2022 Hall of Fame Inductees!

Congratulations to our 2022 Smithtown Hall of Fame Inductees!

Kathy Eagan
Girls Gymnastics

Maggie Engellener
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
High School East 2012

Brendan Martin
Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track
High School West 2007
Ann Naughton
Field Hockey, Lacrosse

Jake Smith
Football, Wrestling
High School West 2010

Patrick Smith
Soccer, Wrestling
Coach, Athletic Director

Smithtown High School Boys Volleyball 
County Championship Teams, Coach by Bill McCourt
1996, 1997, 1999, 2001


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Why Join The Smithtown Booster Club?


The Booster Club over the past 20 years has donated approximately $2 million to the school district’s athletic program. Every Year The Smithtown Booster Club Contributes Money to Scholorships, Programs, and Equipment to Student Athletes and Coaches. Below Is A List of Our Most Recent Contributions:
  • $20,000+ worth of scholarships for seniors annually
  • Basketball Shooting Machines - HSE/HSW
  • MVP Showcases & Awards
  • Athletes Helping Athletes
  • Sportsmanship banners at all secondary schools
  • Great Hollow Score Board
  • Smithtown East & West HS Blocking Sled
  • Middle School Scholar Athlete Breakfasts
  • 9/11 Memorial Awards
  • Bleacher Banners
  • Vaulting Spring Board and Box
  • Softball Score Board- HSW
  • CoreCourseGPA
  • East and West Yearbook donations
  • Installation of four additional backboards at HSE
  • Batting Cage-HSW
  • New HSW 12-Foot Scoring Table
  • College Recruiting Seminar-What to know?
  • HUDL- a program for coaches to evaluate game films.

  • $100,000 in weight room equipment for both High School East & West

  • Pitching machines for Baseball and Softball

  • Blocking sleds for East & West Football

  • Volleyball and Basketball machines East & West

  • Scorer’s table at East and West

  • Glass backboards at East

  • Subsidizing the baseball dugouts at  East’s Al Chandler Sr. field

  • Swimming record boards

  • $50,000 + Each Year to Team accounts from our camp program


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Smithtown Booster Club Membership Enrollment

To the coaches, families and parents of our student athletes:


Membership closes each year on 5/15, and opens back up on Sept 1st. The Smithtown Booster Club membership dues are only $25. We hope that more people will become members this year and which will help support the organization that supports your son or daughter in their athletic career at Smithtown.


Some of you may ask, “What am I getting for my $25”?  A good question. What you get is a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you have become a part of the Booster Club which is dedicated to OUR Smithtown student athlete. Your membership helps us provide financial support to all our athletic programs.


Your membership dues go to support our scholarships, MVP trophies, Athletes Helping Athletes, the CoreCourse GPA, our middle school scholar athlete team awards, and much more.


Your participation enables us to offer the services and advantages that make our athletic program great for all involved.


CLICK HERE to View the list of $2,000,000+ In Smithtown Booster Club Donations


To the parents of senior athletes— You MUST be a Booster Club member for your son or daughter to WIN a Booster Club scholarship. They must apply and if selected, they will receive a scholarship for $1,000. Scholarships are NOT available to non-members


Stay well and we hope your child has a successful year in the classroom and in whatever sport or sports, they play.


Smithtown Booster Clube Membership is Now Open! Click Below to Join!




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